"I'm not sure who first came up with the idea of spending the week before and after Christmas in Barcelona. 
As soon as the first flights were booked the crew suddenly grew up to about 12-15 germans from the Cologne, Essen and Frankfurt area.
Being on different schedules and staying all over the city some days it would be harder to meet up than others, but it all worked at the end.
Not planning to film anything specific before we quickly realized it would only make sense to do one video together.
Thanks to everyone who helped us while we were out there, especially Diogo Santos, Simone Barraco and the relax association shop." - Bruno

Filmed & Edited by Fabian Bader.

Riders: Wanja Vogt, Bruno Hoffmann, Carlo Hoffmann, Fabian Bader, Sebastian Anton, Dima Prykhodko, Fernando Laczko, Simone Barraco, Mirco Andreani, Diogo Santos, Daniel Tünte, Moritz Nussbaumer, Lukas Häusler, Daniel Portoreal, Janek Wentzky, Felix Stinshoff

Peep the Video in better quality on Youtube if you're outside of Germany!